practice makes the Master

Drawing Tip#1 – Is it True That Practice Makes the Master?

I get asked this question all the time. The short answer is:

It depends.

Practice is a key ingredient, but there is more.

Practice is necessary to make a Master. It is one of the key elements, and the more you practice the better you will get…

Except for the following:

You need to have a basic knowledge to then practice correctly.

This is what I mean: Let’s say you want to be really good at drawing the human figure from imagination, so you practice every day and draw the figure 100 times. But you don’t realise that the proportions are wrong, or what proportions are wrong. The result would be making 100 wrong exercises which would make you really good at drawing bodies out of proportion.

The correct approach would be to study up some human anatomy, learn your fundamentals, and once you have this basic knowledge, then practice, practice, practice. And you will be a Master.

I hope this was helpful.

My wish is for you to become a Master!

Best regards, Leonardo

(Photo: Drawing of Woman’s Head by Leonardo Da Vinci, 1473)

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