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Leandra Van Liere
Gérard Alonso
Lucina Woodrow
Patrick Prendergast
Elizabeth Lopez
Verónica Zabaleta
Isabel Pedrosa Durán
Hilda Llanquileo
Chris Pritchard

I want to greatly acknowledge the following Patrons of the Arts. These few people, through their generosity, are making this project a reality and are having a great impact on tens of thousands of art enthusiasts.

Thanks you!

Best regards,
Leonardo 🙂

I LOVE the impact that the "Fine Art-Tips" channel YouTube videos are having on artists and the community around the world. It is amazing to read your feedback on how you, through watching the Fine Art-Tips videos, are accomplishing your dreams. That you are finally working on what your passion is. How Tuesdays have become your favorite day of the week because you watch the new tutorial, and how you won an art award or got an excellent grade on your drawing exam because of them, etc. etc.

And I love that I'm able to share whatever knowledge I have, in a way that is free for you and for everyone else. I think that is fantastic and I'm grateful to YouTube and to all my subscribers who make that possible.

With Patreon I intend to make available to you the things that my subscribers often request from me and that I have never been able to get to, while working toward producing better videos, and help me support my family in the process, so we all win.

If you would also like to be one of our Patrons of the Arts then click the button below-

Artist Leonardo