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Basics of Drawing: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners

Popular artist Leonardo Pereznieto—whose instructional YouTube videos have earned him millions of views and a devoted fan base—teaches beginners the fundamentals of traditional drawing.


Simple Techniques for Realistic Drawings:

Here you can see the images of the cover and back cover of the new book by Leonardo, which will be released to the public in just a few weeks, and which you may aquire now on presale from Amazon.
In this book Pereznieto covers the basics of drawing, including basic materials and techniques. It also contains 18 proyects with step by step instructions and images which you can follow. These include subjects to master a wide range of amazing textures and effects, including the following:

-How to Draw Gemstones
-How to Draw Metals
-How to Draw Hard Surfaces (i.e. wood, marble and rock)
-How to Draw Crystal and Glass
-How to Draw Water
-How to Draw Flowers



How to Draw With Ink - The Basics:

This course teaches the basics of how to draw with pen and ink as well as with ink and brushes. It is intended for beginners as well as intermediate students.


How to Model an Eagle in Clay, Step by Step:

This course will teach you how to model an eagle in clay in easy steps, from beginning to end.

- Understand the tools and supplies needed to get started in   clay modeling.
- Make study pencil sketches of your subject.
- Quickly build a rough sketch in clay.
- Create a base where the clay model will stand.
- Shape your eagle so it looks like an eagle!
- Make each detail of the clay eagle, such as eyes, beak and claws.
- Give realistic textures to each surface: To the feathers, skin and rock.

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