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February Drawing Contest

Submissions for this contest are open from 1st to 29th February 2019. Everyone can participate.
Techniques allowed:AnySubject: Any of the 30 Human Rights.
We are launching this art contest to broadly raise awareness of the 30 inalienable rights as proclaimed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Please watch the videos made by Youth for Human Rights International." Prizes: 1st, 2nd and 3rd places: Award Certificate (digital), mention on a Fine Art-Tips video, showing your drawing, with a recommendation to your YouTube channel or Instagram account. (Premios: 1er, 2do y 3er lugares: Diploma (digital), mención y muestra de tu dibujo en los canales de YouTube de Arte Divierte y Fine Art-Tips, con recomendación para tu canal de YouTube o cuenta de Instagram.)

Daenerys Targaryen

Retrato a lápiz de Daenerys Targaryen, tamaño A3. Hola a todos, soy aficionado al dibujo desde hace años, pero apenas…..Readmore

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